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emoji® – The Iconic Brand teams up for a partnership on magazines

emoji ® – The Iconic Brand have teamed up with Productos Editoriales de Colección S.A de C.V for a partnership on magazines with collectable keyring plushes, they launched on the third quarter of 2017 and they will also launch on the second quarter of this year another product: a sticker album which will further product categories for emoji® in México with now over 33 partners.

The official emoji® brand is already represented globally by over 500 licensees while the company owns more than 800 trademarks and 10,000 copyrights. The partnership with Productos Editoriales de Colección S.A de C.V will mean more exciting and different products to be released into the mexican market.

20 emoji® collectable magazines with different emoji® icons, ready to surprise the market with a beautiful keyring plush in each package, also consumers can download the app photo emoji by scanning the cover of each magazine and collect digital icons to decorate pictures also having access to exciting games and trivias.

“We are excited to team up with Productos Editoriales de Colección S.A de C.V , they created a 360° experience, you can read the magazine, complete the trivias and activities, play with the app, collect the digital icons, decorate your photos, share them in social media and also collect the keyring plushes, emoji® will be part of your life in all ways possible” says Marco Hüsges CEO of emoji® – The Iconic Brand.

This promotion will be available for the mexican market in main streets corner kiosks and stores such as Wal- Mart, Sanborns, Chedraui, Liverpool amongst others.