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YouTube Powerhouse CKN Toys Appoints Haven for Global Consumer Products Program

With 10 billion (yes, that’s billion with a b!) views translating to the equivalent of over 41,000 years of accumulated viewership, YouTube star CKN Toys has continued to grow in popularity to become the #2 toy reviewer/unboxer on the platform – boasting over 450 million views in the last 30 days alone.

A reported 81% of all parents with children aged 11 or younger say they allow their child to watch videos on YouTube, with 34% saying it’s a regular occurrence*. And with the success globally of online brands and personalities moving into the consumer products space, the time is ripe for further brand growth.

“We’re so excited to work with a home-grown superstar!” said Tom Punch, Managing Director, Haven Global. “Australia has come to the fore as an incubator for globally successful brands across toys and entertainment – and now online content. Consumer products gives kids touchpoints to interact with their online idols. These kids are living the dream – and kids out in the ‘real world’ love them and want to be a part of it!”

“What started as fun and games in the family living room has grown beyond our wildest dreams,” added Ray Nguyen of CKN Toys. “We’re thrilled to have Haven Global bring the brand to the world.”

For enquiries on CKN Toys consumer products opportunities, contact Tom Punch from Haven Global via or on +61 2 9357 9833