BrandTrends Group Reveals Major Enhancement to Its Global IP Tracker

These updates include the introduction of the innovative LicensingSelector tool and advanced analytical features, setting new benchmarks for strategic decision-making in licensing and consumer behavior analysis.

Key Enhancements:

  • LicensingSelector tool: This AI-powered tool marks a pivotal advancement in how brands strategize their licensing. By analyzing massive data sets, LicensingSelector offers insights that pinpoint which character integrations can significantly boost product appeal and consumer purchase behavior across various categories, including toys, apparel, and food & beverages.
  • Power of Licensing report: “Our Power of Licensing report delves deep into the actual impact of integrating famous characters and franchises into consumer products,” says Philippe Guinaudeau, CEO of BrandTrends Group. “This report critically assesses whether these well- known entities are driving sales up and how they influence consumer perceptions at the point of purchase. It’s crucial for brands to understand not just the appeal but the real market performance of these character-driven products.”
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS): The well-known NPS feature extends beyond traditional metrics to offer a comprehensive view of brand loyalty and customer satisfaction. “Integrating enhanced NPS with our proprietary Brand Popularity Index and Consumer Demand Gap analytics allows us to provide a full spectrum analysis of brand health and customer loyalty,” Guinaudeau explains.
  • Enhancing brand performance with novelty insights: This update introduces advanced metrics for assessing the impact of brand innovations on market presence and consumer engagement. “We empower brands to not only track the efficacy of their novel strategies but also to benchmark these against the broader industry, ensuring they stay ahead of the curve,” adds Guinaudeau.

These enhancements are part of BrandTrends Group’s commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology to provide actionable insights that drive client success in the dynamic world of market research.

“With each innovation, we push the boundaries of what’s possible in market research, ensuring our clients not only keep pace with industry trends but lead them,” states Guinaudeau. “Our ongoing investment in advanced technologies like AI and comprehensive metrics reflects our dedication to empowering brands to excel globally.”

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