Wednesday — January 19, 2022

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Toikido is a New Kind of Toy Company: We Speak to Darran Garnham

Toikido is a new kind of toy company that launched in 2020 from Founder/CEO Darran Garnham. Toikido are a London based entertainment company at the cutting edge of digital design and toys. With a global reach Toikido have an ecosystem across licensing, gaming, music and entertainment. Passionate and knowledgeable...

The New Age of Digital by Isabel Wu — Edition 4 (Are you a technology company?)

“Every Company is a Tech Company Now. The Disruption is Just Beginning”, wrote Edward Felsenthal, TIME Editor-in-Chief and CEO in May this year: “The scope and speed of change was unprecedented, accelerating digital adaptation by as much as five years in a 12-month period. Disruption ruled, as legacy companies imploded....

Toy Hobby & Licensing Fair 2022

What a rollercoaster 2021 has been! With everything that has occurred, it definitely has been a year to remember but not for the right reasons. With borders opening up and freedoms increasing, things are now starting to look positive. Alice Sanderson began her career with the ATA in 2010 while...

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