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An Explosive Streetwear Collaboration by the emoji company

The premium streetwear brand Wicked Fashions Inc. has partnered with emoji® — The Iconic Brand to create signature Streetwear collections under its Southpole, Lot29, and WT02 clothing lines. The fashion collaboration combines the emoji® brands expressive icons with Southpole’s edgy athleisure styles — and will feature hoodies, jeans, shirts, and sweatpants. The first collection is set to launch Holiday 2020. The partnership was brokered by Retail Monster, LLC., the emoji company’s North American Licensing Agent.

Wicked Fashions Inc.

The new collection mixes the emoji® brands most artistic and fashion-forward icons and graffiti elements to create a trendy and comfortable line of clothing items. The collection sets itself apart from other streetwear collaborations as it brings one of pop culture’s most influential brands to life.

“We are excited to enter into a groundbreaking collaboration with an established leader of the streetwear industry in the US.”

Marco Hüsges, CEO and Founder, the emoji company

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