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Sally Pseudonym — Edition 2

Sally Pseudonym is a guest writer focusing on what’s going on in the toy industry and gives you some general information about the ups and downs in the toy business.

  • What a half we have had!
  • The uncertainty of the pandemic resulted in many opportunities in toys and wheel toys
  • There was panic buying for many categories, particularly games and puzzles, as well as bikes, bike helmets and accessories
  • With gyms closed, people found alternate ways of keeping fit (even repairing old bikes that had sat in the shed for years!)
  • It was the same around the World and Australia mirrored the rest of the World with the exception of the UK which was in lockdown and only commenced trading around June 22nd
  • The year commenced with a tough start however as the pandemic grew the toy business ended up almost 10% up on last year for the first half once the pandemic and the buying hit
  • Most of the growth was concentrated in May and June
  • As usual the categories had winners and losers (mostly winners!)

The half-to-date by category looks something like this:

  • Arts and crafts up 40% (the pandemic and children at home fueled the growth)
  • LEGO up 30% (LEGO Masters continued to push the brand to new heights)
  • Dolls up 7% (L.OL. down… from a huge base and Barbie surges)
  • Pre-school up 18%
  • Games and puzzles up 60%
  • Kids electronics up 80% driven by VTech)
  • Action figures down just over 6% YTD (no new hot movies such as Toy Story and Trolls and Minions deferred until September and June respectively)

From a supplier perspective the top 10 were:

  • LEGO
  • Mattel
  • Hasbro
  • Spin Master
  • Hunter Leisure
  • Moose Toys
  • MGA Entertainment
  • VTech
  • HeadStart
  • Hunter Products

The top brands were:

  • Barbie
  • Hot Wheels
  • LEGO Creator
  • Disney Frozen
  • LEGO City
  • L.O.L. Surprise!
  • Paw Patrol
  • Star Wars
  • Marvel Universe
  • LEGO Technic
  • VTech Baby
  • LEGO Friends
  • Nerf
  • Bluey
  • DC Universe
  • LEGO Star Wars
  • Crayola
  • Toy Story

We are really blessed in this industry that the suppliers and studios keep coming up with new content — as we all know, new sells!

Sally Pseudonym
Treasure X Aliens

Pokemon and The Wiggles just missed out on a top 20 spot however their growth deserves an honorable mention!

The only brand significantly down was Toy Story which is understandable given the strength of the brand and the movie last year (down 50%)

Great job by Moose and Bluey with the release of this much anticipated range

Amazing job by Mattel with Hot Wheels and Barbie up almost 20%

Frozen just keeps getting bigger (up just over 350%)

Hasbro… another great job on Nerf up 20%!

PJ has fallen away in favour of Paw Patrol

Thomas appears to be in hibernation

Beyblades and Transformers are having a rest

L.O.L was slightly down however given their huge base last year MGA Australia are doing a great job

Not surprising to see many LEGO categories in the sales.

Special mention however to Trolls and Minions as they were without the movies and Universal did a great job driving their properties hard

The best newcomers to the period were:

  • Barbie Dream House
  • Barbie 3 in 1 Camper
  • Colour Reveal Barbie
  • ANYTHING Bluey!
  • ProjeX Projecting Game Arcade
  • Laser X Revolution
  • ANYTHING LEGO… the brand just keeps growing!
  • L.O.L Spring Bling (in Autumn!)
  • Fisher Price Crawl Around Car
  • Treasure X Alien Hunters
Sally Pseudonym
ProjeX Projecting Arcade Game

Look out in the future for:

  • Trolls (again) in September given how the toys have gone without a movie this property should be great
  • Cocomelon… may be some toys by the end of the year
  • Spirit
  • Blues Clues and you (already airing with no product available as yet)
Sally Pseudonym
Barbie Dream House

On the radar next year:

  • Minions — June next year
  • Jurassic — June next year
  • Mech Strike — June next year
  • Snake Eyes GI Joe — June next year
  • (June is a bit crowded!)
  • Rons Gone Wrong (Disney — April)
  • Paw Patrol Movie September Wiggles 30th Anniversary
  • Harry Potter 20th Anniversary
  • (there should be some hype around these)
  • Miraculous on ABC, iView and Netflix) no product as yet
  • Power Players on Channel 9 (no product as yet)
  • Peppa Pigs new series (season 9 on ABC next year)… introducing Kylie The Kangaroo
  • Ricky Zoom — Easter
  • Power Rangers Dino Fury — July
  • MLP movie — September

Sally — Signing Off

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