Squatter to Fly with New Growth Plan

Squatter’s focus on sheep farming reflects the inextricable link between this industry and Australian history more broadly. Since 1797, wool has been central to Australia’s economy, agricultural practices and to the collective consciousness of its people. Early settlers soon discovered that with its infertile soil and dry climate, Australia was well suited to the production of high quality wool. The fibre quickly became the cornerstone of Australian agriculture and the nation is often said to have “ridden on the sheep’s back” as it strove for economic development. The Squatter board-game, which has been a household favourite in Australia for nearly 60 years, offers players a rough simulation of life as a sheep farmer with all the daily trials and tribulations this entails.

2022 will see the 60th Anniversary of the Iconic Australian board-game SQUATTER… With in excess of 500,000 games sold in Australia, it is the largest selling Australian game of all time. This is something to be celebrated and has proven the longevity of its game play. The Squatter team have already begun the planning process for a special limited edition 60th Anniversary version of the game and they anticipate that this will be supported with promotional activities and given its heritage, strong media coverage of this event.

Recent planning meetings have established a global strategy which will see the brand expand into other similar markets in Australia, which have strong primary producing industries including a commitment to agriculture.

The plan focuses on the following:

  • Squatter — Traditional game & additional formats
  • Squatter Custom Division
  • Squatter Licensing and Collaborations
  • Squatter International
Get ready for the new card game to join the Squatter station.

This structure will form the basis for the on-going growth of the brand and the team are confident of engaging new generations towards the game and the brand, whist strengthening the aspect of the game’s traditional teachings of how one would go about operating a sustainable business, not just in Agriculture.

Most excitingly, the development and release of two new formats to be added to the Squatter family… SQUATTER MATES card game and SQUATTER COMPACT for people on the move are now underway. These new additions will allow the business to scale and broaden distribution concurrently. With new price points and innovating design and packaging, this will signal a much greater interest in the brand.

Squatter is extending its appeal to younger and more mobile players. Squatter Compact brings all the features of the classic board game in a versatile edition for two-to-four players and is packaged to be travel friendly. Squatter Mates is a card game with a twist for players of all ages who like all the Squatter fun in a faster game.

With these two new additions Australia’s iconic game Squatter presents a more compatible format for retailers with products of a distinctly Australian flavour. As these new advances roll-out, the team have been busily re-contacting both Government and primary industry organisations to secure additional re-endorsements for the game. This will provide added comfort to set a path for the game to be accepted into the schools system around the country as a learning tool for accounting methodology and sound business practices.

An important pillar in the growth plan will also be to work toward the appointment and partnership with key professionals in international markets, including the United States, Germany, France and the United Kingdom. Squatter hopes to develop a footprint for the brand in these markets initially and as other markets emerge, duplicate the plan.

Squatter Game

Another key activation to the plan will be the establishment of a Custom Division. This will allow for the development of special editions of the game, including limited edition versions such as ON THE LAND… Squatter will look to partner with organisations on a collaboration basis where the Squatter brand can assist in enhancing like-brands and together create a powerful marketing tool.

Squatter, a favourite with Australian families for decades, is a board game with enduring appeal. Players enter the world of sheep farming, battling droughts and wild dogs, winning at the stock sale and wool market and they experience the ups and downs inflicted by the Tuckerbag. Squatter brings cheers and fears to be fondly remembered for generations.

For more information visit — squatter.com.au

This article was originally featured in our July 2020 magazine