The Fusion Agency to Manage New Series; Beat Bugs

The Beat Bugs story revolves around the lives and adventures of five charming, funny and adventurous childlike bug best friends who band together to explore and learn in the suburban backyard. The show will introduce a new generation to the music made famous by the greatest and most influential band in rock history, The Beatles!

The global premiere of this visually stunning series will be on Channel 7, Australia, from July 25th to August 5th, 2016, and will also be available on catch up via Yahoo7. Each of the 52 x 11 minute episodes explore the narrative in one of the songs in an innocent and child-friendly fashion. Beat Bugs is a heart-filled series about the possibilities, dangers, and rewards of one’s imagination brought to life in beautiful 3D CGI animation.

The Fusion Agency will be managing the Australian and New Zealand licensing and promotional program for this exciting new property. “Beat Bugs has the winning combination of amazing story-telling and characters which children can relate to; world class 3D CGI and the music library of the greatest band of all time, with 16 of the 53 tracks performed by today’s high profile international artists. It is a visually stunning preschool TV series” said Vincent Jones, Director at Fusion.

“Beat Bugs is building into an extensive licensing program which we will be giving a sneak preview of in Vegas,” commented Gail Mitchell, Managing Director at Fusion. “This property translates beautifully to toys, apparel and publishing which will be our initial focus. Going forward we will also look towards a broader range of products including consumables, party, arts and crafts, consumer electronics and digital games. We are very fortunate to have secured the rights to use the music recorded for the program within a significant range of our products.”

Beat Bugs merchandise will also launch in the UK and North America in late Q3 2017, with a global roll-out to follow soon after.

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