We Catch Up with Juan de Lascurain — Owner of Dream Big!

The Bugg Report last spoke to Juan de Lascurain, Chief Dreamer at Dream Big, in October 2020 in a feature interview that introduced our readers to the artist-designer from Mexico City. We recently had the chance to once again speak to Juan to hear about all that has been happening in the Dream Big World since last year.

Dream Big World

Juan, since we last spoke in October last year how have you been? I’ve been great! Obviously there have been many challenges and obstacles but overall I am very grateful that things are moving forward the way they are. I believe all things happen for a reason and we have to make the best out of every situation and sometimes just let go and trust that things will work out perfectly.

We spoke last time about brand collaborations, have you any more to add since late last year? Yes, I have some exciting ones happening! One with a Belgian brand called Kreysi, they are making decoration puffs as well as water bottles. Another one is the launch of over 40 of my designs with German puzzle brand Ravensburger. The puzzles are available online now in their website. Another one is with tissue company Arya and Al Madina from the United Arab Emirates. A new collection of designs will be available in the next couple of months. I am also launching some new products on our online platform, men’s bathing suits and women’s leggings and sport bras! There are some other ones in the works, one specifically that I want to share but I will save it until it’s out!

Dream Big World
Dream Big World x Ravensburger

You message is very positive and encouraging and I imagine that it has been a great feeling to be able to help people through your ideas, messages and products? Yes, I think it’s great to make money! But I think it’s also amazing to be able to make money, do what you love and also help and inspire people along the way. I don’t understand people that are greedy, just thinking how they can benefit themselves. When you can combine your talent, passion, success and helping others I think it’s truly when you are complete.

Do you have plans to expand your business globally via online and especially Amazon? At the moment on Mexico we have our own E-commerce — www.dreambig.mx — and we also sell on Amazon which is a great platform. We are also launching in Australia — www.dreambigaustralia.com which will carry some of our products and we will start increasing the number of products gradually. We are truly living in exciting times, technology has made it possible to be able to continue expanding our brand with less investment as if it was only through retail.

Dream Big World

How much of a role do you feel that social media has on business development for Dream Big World? Social media has great impact. Today if you are not utilising social media you are missing out on a very important piece of the puzzle. Again is the availability of technology which is helping brands grow exponentially. 15 years ago it was such a different process.

Can you share with is some exciting things you will be working on throughout 2021? An exciting thing happening is the launch of a new collection for the Nobu Hotel in Los Cabos. Nobu hotel is owned by the famous chef Nobu Matsuhisa and the famous actor Robert De Niro. Another exciting project is the development of some products for the new Nickelodeon hotel in Riviera Maya. I am also looking to set up our own retail shops at the Mexico City airport and possibly in other locations!

Dream Big World
Dream Big World x Nobu Los Cabos

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