Wednesday — August 4, 2021

Egeez Look to Disrupt The Licensing Industry

Egeez is the world’s 1st official licensing marketplace dedicated to shipping your merchandise and food globally. A tech-driven, entergaging (Entertaining + Engaging) marketplace for licensed products geo-located will help boost products visibility worldwide. While the Ai technology predicts fans IP statistics per region to showcase the best products from within that region. Egeez plans to become the official extension of a licensors’ consumer products or merchandise department supporting their management with reporting statistics and help meet their sales targets during uncertain times.

A global marketplace for licensed merchandise consumer products connecting billions of fans with global entertainment brands.

As for licensees, Egeez will support their digital sales strategy during this pandemic especially and help them impress their licensor with shining quarterly royalty reports. They will have access to their portal to upload products, change territory as per licensing agreement, accept orders and much more.


The co-founder of Egeez, Nathen Mazri, is a licensee of the world’s 1st GarfieldEATS flagship restaurant and app with Nickelodeon/ViacomCBS. He understands the pain of licensees which is why he created this platform to help all the licensees around the world sell their products. E-commerce is growth propelled globally especially due to COVID 19. According to statistics, the forecast for ecommerce sales in 2021 is estimated over $5 Trillion. And yet, there is no dedicated online marketplace for licensed merchandise and fans. However, now thanks to EGEEZ, there is!

Egeez is currently onboarding over 100000 licensees and retailers worldwide. We have Happiness Account Managers in every continent today onboarding official licensed products around the clock from North America to India, Europe, Asia and Middle East. Egeez verifies all onboarding licensees to guarantee official genuine licensed brands merchandise to combat copycats and fraud products. As Egeez aims at solving the licensing industry problem of merchandise overstock, the collection will continue to see various additions during the course of the next few years — in terms of both product categories and new character introductions. Egeez is also a proud member of Licensing International, supporting us to onboard licensees and licensors given their 35 years of network with WWE, Warner Bros, Walt Disney, and many more!

Nathen Mazri
Nathen Mazri

“It feels great to know that we are solving an industry problem and providing a disruptive solution to all stakeholders. We live in an over cluttered appeconomy with the fall of QSR and retail and rise of QMR — quick mobile retail. Egeez embraces an exciting digital future curating magical products for fans. When people think Mickey Mouse, they must think Egeez. The fact that we are the only 100% dedicated entertainment licensing products marketplace, we can stand out among other marketplaces as we have found our unique selling proposition. Oh geez it’s exciting!”

Nathen Mazri, Co-Founder Egeez
Pascal Haider
Pascal Haider

“All his child memories have come into reality on one platform. Being a father of four children, We are very excited about the venture and we feel it is going to be the most revolutionary & destructive marketplace app in the licensing industry bringing billions of fans worldwide and licensees/licensors together.”

Pascal Haider, Co-Founder Egeez

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