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Feature Interview Sandra Ebbott, Founder & Owner of Mizzie The Kangaroo

In a world where we are craving for good messaging and things which resonate quality and sustainability, “Mizzie” is on-trend and a refreshing take on an Australian icon. The founder & owner of Mizzie, Sandra talks about the brand being all about developing children “through fun” as Mizzie meets children from all over the world and helps them learn through fun experiences. These experiences ultimately assist in teaching children invaluable skills without them actually realizing. Coming from a natural environment, she is safe and easily recognised around the world. Mizzie is already a successful baby toy line with educational baby toys including an iconic 100% natural rubber teether in the shape of Mizzie The Kangaroo, puzzle box sets, sound and touch and feel books, as well as music boxes all incorporating Mizzie The Kangaroo. Mizzie is set to expand with a global footprint engaging children from all backgrounds and nationalities. Her universal appeal will ultimately lead to the brand being embraced internationally.

The Bugg Report recently met with Sandra who has 20 years experience in the field of marketing where she held global senior roles internationally with BMW AG (launch of MINI), PepsiCo and Reebok. We asked Sandra about Mizzie and her aspirations to develop the brand into a leading pre-school ambassador and educational character.

Mizzie The Kangaroo

There are many children’s brands vying for attention and exposure all around the world, what is it that makes Mizzie The Kangaroo stand out from the crowd?

Mizzie is unique in that she is a friendly kangaroo, who was born with the purpose to develop children in a fun way! She is natural, she is bright, she is fun, and in essence, she helps young children learn, without them even realizing it. She is quintessentially Australian and she is easily recognizable.

Mizzie already has an empowering story to tell parents and young children. Can you see your brand developing into a cartoon series where Mizzie speaks to children and parents and educates them about life skills?

Absolutely. Mizzie has a fun, trusting, mother-like caring character, and she loves taking children and their parents through fun learning journeys. There are so many potential learnings she can take her audience through, especially through the emotional roller coasters, social skills, and every day children experiences at playgrounds and child care centers. Mizzie has the ability to give children skills that will help them through everyday situations, and this has been her purpose since day one. This obviously translates well in a cartoon character, and we already have 3 books that have started showcasing her personality.

Mizzie The Kangaroo already has very successful baby and pre-school toy lines which you have developed locally in Australia. Do you have aspirations to expand its distribution globally and is this something you are working on?

Yes we do. We currently already have customers from all over the world ordering Mizzie The Kangaroo products, and now we are set and ready for Mizzie’s global expansion, with the right partners. She has great potential for growth on the international spectrum, and with Mizzie being a kangaroo and featured on all our products, they are easily remembered and recognised globally.

Australian animals are loved all over the world, and together, all Mizzie’s fun & educational products create a nice retail story aimed at babies to pre-school children. Mizzie is ready to nurture international children on their learning journey.

What are some of the underlying qualities, sustainable aspects and key messages to your brand that position it as a must-have for young children and their parents?

Mizzie’s hero product is the 100% natural rubber teething toy for Babies, in the shape of Mizzie The Kangaroo. She is safe, she is natural, and she starts babies’ Mizzie journey from only a few months of age. All other Mizzie products have a specific and fun learning benefit, from newborn stage to pre-school age. Mizzie’s character is translated in all Mizzie’s products: she is positive, caring, and inclusive, and she will adapt to whatever learning is needed through the child’s current phase.

Mizzie The Kangaroo

In terms of personality, look and feel and colour, what were your over riding thoughts when finalizing the concept?

We did a lot of research and testing, and the bright colour was a true winner with the babies, every time. The orange also means she becomes easily recognizable and remembered. Also, Mizzie’s carefully chosen complimenting ‘California-vintage’ colour palette on the packaging and scenery work beautifully from a marketing perspective and in-store. The colours pop, are inviting, they create Mizzie’s unique identity, and make her stand out as the hero.

What is your message to partners who could seek to engage with you on Mizzie The Kangaroo in the marketplace?

We are seeking to work with established global partners who understand and value Mizzie’s purpose, who see like us the significant global potential, and who are keen to partner with us on this hugely exciting opportunity.

Do you see Mizzie as a character that will be able to communicate with children and parents and keep them engaged over time?

One hundred percent. The beauty about Mizzie’s purpose, is that young children’s learning journey is endless! Mizzie adapts to every situation, and helps children learn, either through physical products, or through her character and personality.

Sandra, do you have plans to introduce other characters as friends of Mizzie?

We have already introduced Bella-Boo and Baby Hugo through the books, and there will be other secondary ‘roles’ and family members, however Mizzie will always remain the main character.

In your experience, what has been your feedback from the market on the character to date?

Mizzie has been extremely well accepted and loved. Buyers, parents and children have very easily understood her purpose, and her lovely caring nature. Much like the Australian population as a whole, she is always willing and wanting to help, she is cool, calm and super chilled, with a cheeky character – she still likes to have fun!!

To discuss opportunities with Mizzie The Kangaroo please contact Sandra here

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