Felfort and the emoji company Continue Growing Together in Argentina

For the fourth consecutive year and despite the global emergency situation regarding Covid-19 and the economic crisis that Argentina has been surfing for a long time, Felfort decided to continue betting with emoji® — The Iconic Brand, due to its positive results, and great success in all its products.

At present, Felfort manufactures a wide variety of products, competing on an equal footing with industries that have come to our country from the main development poles of the world. Chocolates, candies, cereals, nougats and functional or dietetic foods, make up a wide line that extensively covers the needs of the most diverse markets, their slogan “If it’s chocolate… it’s Felfort”.

They started working together with emoji® with the classic chocolate coins, a well-known product installed in Argentina, to later add Chocolate Jack and continue to grow together.

Chocolate Jack Blanco

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Marco Huesges, CEO emoji company says, “We could not choose a better association to continue building our brand in Argentina, emoji® and Felfort provide excellent moments to all young people who love chocolate.”

Marco Huesges, CEO emoji company