Tuesday — November 30, 2021

Headstart International Launches New Range of Innovative Recycled RESOFTABLES Toys at Walmart USA

Headstart is already an Australian toy company success story and with the upcoming US launch of the NEW Resoftables range — high-quality, eco-friendly, super-soft plush toys constructed entirely from recycled plastic bottles — that success is set to be more sustainable than ever.

Colourful, Cute, Cuddly… and Collectable

Resoftables are toys with genuine purpose — and the world is watching… and playing!

They’re soft and squishy — and perfect to cuddle and collect. And because they are manufactured in a way that reduces the harm of plastic bottles going to landfill, every product in the Resoftables range is not only fun to play with — they also play an active part in helping save the planet.

Making Toys That Make a Difference

Every year, the world produces more than 275 million tonnes of plastic waste. That’s the same weight as 55 million elephants.

Resoftables are made using 100% household plastic waste and the packaging is made from recycled cardboard too.

With each 9” Resoftables toy manufactured from approximately 4 recycled plastic bottles, whether you choose to cuddle with Kiki Koala, Sammy Sloth, Sparkles Unicorn, or any other adorably squishy plush character from the game-changing, eco-friendly Resoftables range, you know you’re making a positive difference.

Australian Toys with a Global Impact

The October 2021 launch of the brand new range of squeezable, squishable, colourful toys at Walmart stores across the United States will help even more kids enjoy fun play the environmentally-friendly way.

Resoftables Collectible Plush:

  • Recycled plastic bottles create plush toys that are soft and squishy — without the guilt!
  • Each 9” Resoftables toy is made from approximately 4 recycled plastic bottles.
  • Super-soft, cuddly, and collectable… Resoftables are the perfect gift for young children.
  • Each cute character — including Kiki Koala, Lance Leopard, Sachi Bunny, Sammy Sloth, Sparkles Unicorn and Sugar Rainbow Unicorn — comes in an adorable cardboard tube ‘house’!

Since introducing this innovative brand of huggable environmentally-friendly toys in April, 2020, Headstart’s growth in the plush category has been impressive, with a number of different products in the complete Resoftables range now available in major and independent retailers across Australia — as well as internationally in Canada, New Zealand, Israel, Sweden, the UK, the UAE… and beyond.

As the range of licensed Resoftables in the Australian market expands, including Disney’s Mickey and Minnie, Sesame Street’s Elmo and Cookie Monster, Care Bears Cheer Bear and Share Bear, My Little Pony and more, creating loveable, super-soft toys that leave a lighter ecological footprint is a feel-good moment for the entire Headstart team — especially when you realise that producing Resoftables will see Headstart repurpose more than 6 million plastic bottles by the end of 2021. It’s an incredible commitment to proactively reducing landfill and giving children all over the world even more reasons to choose Resoftables.

Building on the Resoftables ethos with the hands-on ranges of Replayables active outdoor toysand Rebuildables building blocks adds another dimension — made with the intention to achieve even greater levels of sustainability and repurpose more than 10 million recycled plastic bottle caps by the end of 2021.

  • Replayables Flying Disc
  • Replayables Bucket & Spade Set (launching 2022)
  • Replayables Boomerang (launching 2022)
  • Rebuildables Blocks with Storage Tub
  • Rebuildables Starter Set
  • Rebuildables Recycling Truck (launching 2022)

Every product in the complete Resoftables range is GRS-certified (Global Recycled Standard), so families can look forward to positive eco-friendly play that kids, and the planet, will love.

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