Tuesday — November 30, 2021

Headstart’s Happy Nappers Fluffaluff Pets Turn Pillows into Dreamy Pets You Can Mix-and-Match

Comfy, cuddly pillows? Or your new, fluffiest-ever pet friend?

With Fluffaluff Pets by Happy Nappers, from Headstart – and available exclusively at Kmart stores across Australia — you can mix-and-match for cuddly fun on-the-move.

Fluffaluff Pets are pillows you can stuff — a fuzzy, furry head to make you giggle, and a colourful, matching pillow slip you can fill with your favourite, most huggable pillow, to make sleep-time or snuggle-time as sweet as can be!

Playtime… naptime… ANYTIME! With a full-size pillow slip that you can stuff and a secret, zip-up pocket, Fluffaluff Pets are perfect for ages 3-8 but, really, are you ever too old to enjoy a way to make your pillow even more playful?

Fluffaluff Pets™ let you snap on & off the full-size pillow slip for easy, keep-clean care. 

Just snap it on, stuff it with your favourite pillow and get ready to love it — wherever you are.

Fluffaluff Pets are your new, go-anywhere fluffy friends that are ideal for sweet-dreaming sleepovers, or travel time that’s cute and comfy.

Fluffaluff Pets™ feature three lovable, huggable friends to choose from — or collect them all for triple the treat!

The new range of Fluffaluff Pets ($29.99) — complete with its own matching pillow slip — includes:

  • White Unicorn — this plush, white unicorn face is ready for adventure – with a golden horn, the sweetest big blue eyes and the cutest pink nose to match the pink and white love hearts on its special pillow slip. Simply stuff the pillow slip with your favourite pillow, snap on the unicorn’s furry, friendly face and enjoy cuddles galore with this kid-sized fuzzy friend to keep you company, wherever you are.
  • Purple Kitty — this one’s pink and purple fuzzy face is ready for fun, with big soft ears that are perfect for tickling and a sweet smile that helps you feel safe as you snuggle. Snapping on the plush, cuddly head is easy and, with your favourite pillow stuffed into the matching, spotty pillow slip, sleeptime is sweet time with this pretty kitty.
  • Blue Shark — with a pillow slip belly striped with ocean-inspired blue wavy lines, and a toothy, cheeky smile, this furry friend is ready for cuddles – on-the-move or when you tuck into bed each night.

The plush, furry face is easy to snap onto the matching pillow slip that you can stuff with your comfiest pillow.

Sweet dreams have never been more fun, with your favourite friend from Fluffaluff Pets.

*pillows not included

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