How to be a Brand Force with Influence: Fast Facts to Get You There — Edition 5

Christie Nicholas is the Chief Growth Partner at Mumpower, Australia’s leading agency shaping brands that speak to Mums. Christie joins The Bugg Report as an exclusive guest writer and will share important intelligence that will help your brand prosper in a changing market.

6 Steps to Influence with Impact

Are you confident that you have taken all the steps to guarantee your Influencer Marketing campaign is generating as much ROI that’s possible? We tapped into our network of 2000+ Mum Influencers to discover essential steps brands and agencies must take to accelerate the success of their campaign. Select at least one step to nurture and watch your conversion soar.

1. Make a great first impression

If you want to make an instant positive connection with influencers you’d like to collaborate with, ensure your first touchpoint with influencers you reach out to is personalised and thoughtful.

Rather than reaching out with a generic email, such as ‘to whom it may concern’ – or worse ‘dear Mummy blogger’, take the time to learn her name, a little about her children and see what she has been getting up to – before you reach out to her.  It is the fastest way to show you are familiar with her, both as a person and as a brand – and you have considered why her brand and your brand are a perfect match. This attention to detail will automatically increase interest in your brand.

2. Demonstrate your worth

Before agreeing to come on board, Influencers need to be very clear about exactly how your product will address her readers needs, motivations and pain points and what role your brand will play to make her life better, easier and more in line with her values.

Therefore, throughout your communication, continuously demonstrate the effect your brand will have – rather than just focusing on the technical aspects of your product. This is much more compelling and easier for her to assess your worth and ultimately empower her to partner with you.

3. Establish a fair and realistic value exchange

Seventy-two percent of influencers are automatically turned off and deterred from collaborating on a brand campaign that expects too much from them in return for what they are offering.

Attract more excellent advocates by offering a fair exchange in return. Influencers will take the time to learn about your product and craft the perfect content, therefore this is what sets the tone to building long term, fruitful relationships.

4. Create relevant, empowering brand messaging

Before you reach out to influencers, ensure you have crafted and tested the brand messages that have the most appeal to both them and their readers – who are your prospective customers. Often brands promote messages that are business led, rather than Mum approved and there is a disconnect between what you think is important and what Mums genuinely care about. When this happens, your brand will fail to have the best possible impact on your prospective customers.

If you are not sure if you brand messages are as optimised as they could be, an expert agency such as Mum Power, or the influencer herself will be able to guide you on this.

5. Full-proof influencer briefs & campaign expectations

Only 50% of brands create concise briefs that ensure influencers are set up to deliver the best results for you.

Your brief is the foundation to your influencer marketing success. When creating a brief, ensure it is clear, engaging and easy to implement. Similarly, when shaping a brief, make sure you outline and discuss the campaign goals. This will make it easier for both you and the influencer to create content that delivers the results you are after and will also guide the campaign to ensure it is laser targeted.

6. Grow with the influencers

Fifty percent of brands only partner with influencers on a one off campaign then do not nurture the relationship beyond this point. This hampers your ROI and the future benefits growing together enables.

If you’ve already invested time and effort to establish a campaign and collaborate with influencers, the best use of your time, and efforts is to then identify influencers from this group that are well aligned to become long term, ongoing advocates.

As advocates, the power of their ‘always on’ endorsement will continue to shine beyond the campaign and it will also eventuate in new, creative, authentic and emotionally charged content only made possible because they genuinely know you, have grown with you and believe in your brand.

In an era of so much online noise, the brands that shape, create and implement the most full-proof and impactful Influencer Marketing programs will fast track powerful — and lucrative — Mum-to-Mum brand advocacy. Be that brand.

Christie Nicholas — Chief Growth Partner at Mumpower

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Mumpower exists to lead mum-centric brands to next-level brilliance. We fuel Mum-to-Mum Brand Advocacy via: Market Research, Influencer Marketing & Campaign Activation, designed to power B2C relationships forward. — A brand force with influence.

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