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Jasnor Set to Launch Micro Motorz in 2019

Jasnor is preparing for this year’s Toy Hobby and Licensing Fair, where they will preview the new Teamsterz Micro Motorz collectible vehicle series.

With six different surprises to discover, it’s anticipated that this new collectible range will prove popular with young racing fans. Kids can unwrap the foil exterior to reveal three chambers, plus a sticker which tells them which one of the teams their vehicle belongs to.

Kids then twist and snap off the first chamber to find a tuning tool, while chamber two reveals a tuning accessory and launching plate. The final chamber contains one of 21 vehicles from the four teams – Speed Demonz, Nitro Chargerz, Hot Rodz and Monster Treadz. Each vehicle in the collection features customised graphics and tuning accessories which are interchangeable within the teams.

James Thurlow, CEO, Jasnor (Australia) commented: “This is one of the biggest product launches for the business yet and we excited to be partnering with HTI on this great brand. The boys’ collectible market has been relatively untapped, and having a car within our collectible captures the best loved play pattern for boys – I believe Micro Motorz is the perfect product to fuel a real playground craze.”

The range was showcased at Nuremberg Toy Fair ahead of a major UK launch and will now be showcased at the upcoming Toy Hobby and Licensing Fair ahead of the Australian and New Zealand launch later this year. The brand will be supported by a heavy-weight marketing and PR campaign which includes TV advertising, PR outreach, influencers, digital advertising and social media.