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Nickelodeon Reveals the Power of Play in New Preschool Series Calvin and Kaison’s Play Power!

Nickelodeon’s brand new locally produced preschool series Calvin and Kaison’s Play Power!, starring Australian YouTube sensation CKN Toys, premiered on Monday, April 20 at 9am (AEDT) on Nick Jr.

With more than 14 million YouTube subscribers and over 13 billion video views, CKN Toys is one of Australia’s largest YouTube channels. Stars of the popular channel, eight-year-old Calvin and his four-year-old brother Kaison have joined forces with Nickelodeon to create a short-form story-driven TV series that follows the duo on their play-ventures with best friend ROBO-G.

Tapping into the popular unscripted, spontaneous and fun narrative style that has garnered CKN Toys a global following, each episode will see Calvin and Kaison embark on a play-venture in their Kid Cave, which is interrupted by a series of challenges including giant cakes, missing friends, playful monsters and out of control toys. In order to overcome these challenges, Calvin must transform into an everyday superhero and use his play power to save the day.

As preschoolers follow along with Calvin and Kaison, they will experience the many benefits of play, including the development of creative thinking, problem-solving, emotional intelligence and communication skills.

“At Nickelodeon we take play seriously ”, says General Manager of Nickelodeon ANZ Ben Cox. “Play is fun and appealing to our preschool audiences and is also vital to early childhood development, which is why we chose to hero this message in Calvin and Kaison’s Play Power!”

General Manager of Nickelodeon ANZ Ben Cox

“As children play, they develop critical cognitive, emotional, social, and physical skills. These skills children set the stage for future learning and success from the school classroom to the workplace,” says Cat Sewell, Play Specialist.

“Calvin and Kaison’s Play Power is a program for preschool aged children that really celebrates the power of play. It promotes the idea that children have ‘play power’ within themselves, and they can use that power to have fun, learn new things, help others, problem solve, be creative and make connections with others.

This program will be an especially welcome addition to families right now, as many of the ideas and concepts in the program translate into fun play ideas that children can do at home at this time.”

Cat Sewell, Play Specialist

Calvin and Kaison’s Play Power! premiered on Monday, April 20 at 9am with new episodes continuing weekdays until Friday, May 1 on Nick Jr. (Foxtel #703 or Fetch #253), and is also available to stream via the Nick Jr. Play app.