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The Wiggles Celebrate

The Wiggles’ 30th Anniversary

The WigglesWith broadcast in 190 countries there are so many opportunities ahead for the groups 30th year! In 2021, The Wiggles celebrate their 30th birthday with a special logo which has been created for use across all The Wiggles products and communications. There will be a worldwide celebration of the birthday, starting with an update of The Wiggles documentary, Everybody Clap, Everybody Sing! and their Big Birthday international tour! There will be a range of exciting things, such as the Rewiggled album where contemporary artists do their versions of The Wiggles songs. There will be commemorative products such as coins, retro & contemporary apparel and toys, and many other events and promotional opportunities will exist for license partners and retailers. Wiggles World was first launched at the Dreamworld Theme Park 15 years ago and a huge financial investment will be made to refresh the precinct, including the development of an exciting new ride and the launch of a new Wiggles character show to entertain people from around the world.

The Wiggles

In 2019, The Wiggles performed LIVE to 450,000 people!

The Wiggles Live!

2019 saw The Wiggles perform to over 450,000 people, with 244 shows in Australia & New Zealand and 91 shows in the USA & Canada. In 2020, The Wiggles will perform live concerts right across Australia & New Zealand and from July through to September, 31 cities in Canada and venues across the UK and Ireland. The annual Big Show will be held in November and December.


The WigglesThe Wiggles’ World is the new series by The Wiggles which debuts in Australia in March on ABC Kids, with 26x 11min episodes. There’s new people, new places, and of course new songs! The new series will have fans meet The Cartoon Wiggles, which are an animated version of The Wiggles who sing songs about important things toddlers need to know as they grow, such as wearing glasses, road safety, allergies and more. During the first half of 2020, ABC Kids will host; The Wiggles’ World, Wiggle, Wiggle, Wiggle!, Lachy!, Emma Series 1 & 2 and Ready, Steady, Wiggle! in rotation. An enormous volume of children’s entertainment for families. The Wiggles’ video specials this year are Fun & Games where you can go on a bear hunt or dance around the mulberry bush with The Wiggles! which will provide opportunities for new imagery, themes and product ideas for both boys and girls. The release for the second half of the year is about transport, the various ways children and families can travel, and about travelling to different destinations. There will be plenty of trains, planes & big red cars!

Consumer Products

The Wiggles consumer product range actively encourages healthy role play and early childhood activities incorporating music, dance and learning. With over 35 partners worldwide, The Wiggles have broad cross category placement in all retail channels. These licensee and retail partnerships have been strengthened by The Wiggles innovative approach to showcasing their new products & themes to large and very engaged social communities. Many retail promotions were developed over the past year complementing The Wiggles style guides and asset development. These have included; Baby Week (featuring The Little Wiggles), Australian Reading Hour, The Wiggles Toilet Training module and most recently, The Wiggles Here to Help educational book series headlining Big W’s 2.5m Free Books for Kids’ giveaway.

The Wiggles


Over the last year The Wiggles have further developed their YouTube Channel, adding fresh bespoke content, playlists collaborations & new series. There will be new Emma dance classes that will tie in with the latest iteration of the ballet barre and mat. There is also storytime with The Wiggles, reading the Here to Help Series of books about pro-social topics and safety. Captain Feathersword will also be throwing his pirate hat into the ring with some fun, new content! The Wiggles YouTube Channel has continued to experience triple digit growth in all areas; 120% growth in watch time, 175% growth in views and 147% growth in subscribers! The USA has quickly become The Wiggles largest subscriber base due to both the size of the audience and also how this market has embraced YouTube as a medium.

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