Wednesday — August 4, 2021

UNICEF Rolls Out Paddington’s Postcards in ANZ

Paddington’s kindness, tolerance and perseverance in the face of adversity make him the perfect champion for children and since 2017, Paddington has partnered with UNICEF, furthering their goal to promote the rights of children around the world, and to keep them happy, healthy and safe.

Thanks to the success of the programme in the UK, UNICEF have now launched Paddington’s Postcards, in Australia and New Zealand.

Perfect for children aged 4-10, Paddington’s Postcards helps children to discover wonderful people and places with Paddington Bear. By supporting UNICEF through a monthly gift, the initiative sends children a personalised postcard (and more!) every month, enabling them to explore a different country with Paddington and learn about the life of a child who lives there.

“In Australia, supporters are already showing great enthusiasm and excitement for the campaign, which launched last week. UNICEF Australia is excited to build on the incredible success the UK team have achieved, and help little adventurers in Australia learn about UNICEF’s work and the lives of children around the world.”

Tony Stuart, CEO UNICEF Australia

UNICEF New Zealand is thrilled to be part of this exciting new chapter for the Paddington Bear partnership. The world might be on lockdown but with the help of Paddington, tamariki from across Aotearoa New Zealand can still discover and engage with different countries and cultures — all while supporting children who need it most.

Phillip Casey, Digital Marketing Specialist, UNICEF New Zealand

“We are very happy to see the fantastic partnership between UNICEF and Paddington grow further and expand to new territories. Paddington’s Postcards is a great way to bring kindness and allow families to discover the lives of other children as well as raising money for children in needs.”

Sophie Kopaczynski, CEO The Copyrights Group

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