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emoji® – The Iconic Brand Launches Vibrant New Digital Showcase & Fan Superstore

In a world first, new platform gives consumers unrestricted, free access to the emoji company’s 17000+ copyright-protected emoji® brand icons and designs for personal use!

HAMBURG, GERMANY (May 6th, 2019) – The emoji company, owner of the registered emoji® trademark and creator of the world’s largest library of emoji® brand icons and designs for commercial use, has debuted an expansive new website that not only showcases the versatility and universal appeal of this unique lifestyle brand, but also makes official emoji® brand assets available for free to the general public for the first time ever. At the same time, the company has also unveiled a new range of 3D animated emoji® brand icons, bringing fan-favorite icons to life in a whole new way.

On the new platform, consumers can now browse and search the entire catalogue of emoji® brand icons, wallpaper and stickers – previously only available for commercial use – then download those items for their own personal use, free of charge. Among the items available for download is the emoji company’s brand-new line of 3D animated emoji® brand icons, also available for commercial licensing. Featuring 343 unique designs such as a heart icon that actually beats, a baby poo happily sucking on a pacifier and clinking champagne glasses, the range puts a fun twist on familiar favorites, combining the expressiveness of a classic icon with the energy of a GIF.

In recent years, the emoji® brand has become one of the most expressive and influential lifestyle brands in the market today. Ranked as one of the Top Licensors in the world, emoji® now has more than 700 licensees worldwide and has collaborated with marquee brands including Sony Pictures Animation, Nutella, L´Oreal, KISS, Pond’s, Zara, Danone, Walmart, Nestlé and Universal Music, to name just a few. Nowhere is this evolution more evident than on the new, where the unique and diverse roster of emoji® brand collaborations, licensed products, promotions and activations is on full display.

“Icons have quickly become an indispensable tool for expression and distinction in everyday life, and as the owner and operator of the emoji® brand, we have the unique opportunity of giving consumers the power to showcase their personality and individuality by using our emoji® brand content,” says Marco Hüsges, CEO and Founder, the emoji company. “Our library of content contains so much more than what consumers are generally used to. On you can get emoji® brand icons in all variations – whether it be glossy, flat or outline. You can download 3D Icons, Stickers, Customized Designs and Wallpapers for all purposes, and color your life with happiness by using our free emoji® brand content! Making our creations available for free for personal use is a natural step as we continue to work with our partners around the world to create consumer products, promotions, events and experiences that break out of the norm and promote self-expression in all its many forms. This is what the emoji® brand is all about.”