Presenting the Journey of LicenseSelector — A Symphony of Data, Analytics, and Swift Insights! is at the forefront of accelerating marketing mastery with its AI-powered insights, revolutionizing the way businesses navigate the intricacies of data analytics in Licensing.

The BrandTrends Group presents its latest innovation,, marking a significant leap in the world of marketing analytics. Accelerating marketing mastery with AI-powered insights, this revolutionary tool promises to redefine the landscape of data-driven decision-making for brands worldwide.

Embark on the unique odyssey that birthed, a groundbreaking initiative rooted in the marriage of generative AI and marketing research dynamics. The inception was simple yet profound — leverage the immense potential of generative AI to furnish rapid, data-backed responses to the myriad questions posed by our diverse clientele.

Clients sought answers to intricate queries like narrowing down licensing options for their products, enhancing sales and marketing strategies for their brand(s), and comparing the performance of one brand against another, or identifying market opportunities. Our responses?

They were already all included in our colossal proprietary database — an Australian born initiative by the way — comprising over 1 million consumers across 40 countries, spanning various age groups, with the details on 85,000 brands, encapsulating categories, ownership details, launch years, and more. We just had to power up the analysis and extract the answers. That’s were the generative-AI came handy.

However, beyond answering queries, we aspired to sculpt the narrative surrounding how these answers were conveyed. A decade of honing our analytical framework laid the groundwork, and the generative AI served as the catalyst to expedite and “industrialize” client analyses. Hence, was born — a name that tells all about its primary objective.

The operational design involves engaging users to collect necessary parameters, processing requests swiftly, and presenting analyses as the initial step. Yet, the interaction doesn’t halt there; users can continue querying, fostering a deeper understanding and comprehensive solutions to their challenges. The initial version of the service took 2 to 3 minutes per initial question; but the evolution has been profound. Version two has reduced the response time to a mere 7 seconds, ensuring marketers can access a trove of validated insights at unprecedented speed. See a few screenshots below:

Currently in beta testing among a select group of clients, is poised for an extended beta-testing phase set to expand to more clients in March. The official release date, open to all willing subscribers, is marked for April 2, 2024. This strategic approach allows us to fine-tune and optimize the service based on real-world usage, ensuring a seamless and powerful experience for our subscribers. is not merely a tool but a conversational companion, unraveling answers to over 40 extensive large questions — from license selection to predictive insights, brand performance evaluations, and market trends. And, specifically for members of Licensing International, an exclusive section unveils favorites in cartoons, TV shows, movies, sports events, celebrities, and social influencers, enabling marketers to tailor plans with precision.

The narrative unfolds in the quest for efficiency, where isn’t just a solution — it’s a transformative force, injecting vigor and speed into the fabric of marketing analytics. The story is one of progression, innovation, and the seamless fusion of data, analytics, and dynamic insights. marks the evolution where marketing narratives meet the prowess of AI, crafting a tale of technological marvels and marketing mastery.


The current report provides a detailed analysis of brand awareness, popularity, and purchase intent of the most important Entertainment brands within a country. The most crucial aspect is that it predicts product category purchasing intentions. The service reports on 11,500+ different Entertainment, Fashion, or Sports brands four times a year, and interviews 200,000+ people ranging in age from infants to seniors in 42 countries.

This article originally appeared in Edition 47 of The Bugg Report Magazine