Thursday — August 5, 2021

Ryan Williams Nitro Circus Scooter Range by Active Outthere

2020 saw a boom in the overall sales and usage of wheeled products including Scooters, Skateboards, Bikes and related accessories. Nitro Circus products shared in the category success with high quality price point Scooters and Skateboards that sold very well through independent specialty retailers, Toy World Stores, and leading independent Sports and bike stores.

The Ryan Williams Nitro Circus scooters range from $200 for Replica models to over $500 for the scooter Ryan Williams rides in Nitro Circus events and when riding his local skatepark.

Ryan Williams Scate & Ramp

Nitro Circus Skateboards also sold through very well with three uniquely cool Nitro Circus graphics. To support the wheels products and for all thrill seeking kids and teens, the Nitro Circus Ramps and Rails also performed very well. The high quality Ramps and rails allow for jumps grinds and drive extreme riding.

A new Range of Ryan Williams scooters is due in the second half of 2021.

Stay tuned for more strong sales in this extreme brand.

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