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The Wiggles Celebrate 30 Years in Entertainment

The Wiggles celebrate three decades with children as their inspiration, education as their goal and music as their way. A year of activity will be unveiled including live tours, new music releases, activations and limited-edition vintage merchandise to be released as part of the year-long celebration. Events across every entertainment platform will roll out throughout the year.

The world’s most popular children’s entertainment band, The Wiggles, celebrate 30 years of educating, enriching and entertaining children and families all over the globe. The year-long celebration for the 30th will unfold throughout 2021 and will include a new single, commemorative logo, new music releases, new and exclusive content on FTA, STV, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, special events, concert tours and collaborations across fashion and lifestyle brands.

To help celebrate the landmark milestone, The Wiggles are releasing their brand-new single, We’re All Fruit Salad! Launching today across all digital music platforms, the song playfully riffs on the band’s iconic hit Fruit Salad. It is a fun celebration of diversity, inclusion, and reflection, sensitively capturing key global concerns of today and musically delivering a message of unity, respect, appreciation and acceptance.

The song features many special guest artists and performers, including Richie Allan, Lou Diamond Phillips, Evie Ferris, James Harkness, Jawan M. Jackson, Taylor Simone Jackson, Paul Knobloch, Robert Rakete, and Victor Valdes. We’re All Fruit Salad! can be listened to here with sample lyrics below:

I was dreaming, that we’re all fruit salad!
All the colours of the rainbow, and the bowl is the world
It’s not just one fruit that makes a fruit salad
It takes all different kinds of fruit to make a perfect bowl
We’re all fruit salad! (yummy yummy!)
All in the same bowl

The Wiggles kick off their 30th year celebrations having recently notched up another significant milestone: reaching over one billion music streams worldwide. This achievement is testament to their music’s enduring appeal, and the band’s popularity with generations of families across the globe.

“Thank you to our Wiggly fans all around the world for listening to our music on Spotify, Apple Music, and other streaming services. We’re looking forward to sharing lots of exciting new Wiggly tunes with you over the year ahead!”

Lachy Gillespie, Purple Wiggle

A Year of Celebrations

Throughout 2021, fans and families around the world can join in celebrating The Wiggles’ past, present and future, with:

  • New Ready, Steady, Wiggle! television series featuring The Wiggles and their friends Captain Feathersword, Dorothy the Dinosaur, Wags the Dog, Henry the Octopus and Shirley Shawn the Unicorn
  • Brand new Emma! Series 3 featuring animated special effects around her trademark bow enhancing ‘Bow Power’ to help with solving problems in and around the home, garden and in her imagination
  • Limited edition vintage Wiggles t-shirts with a story behind every image. Links to purchase: Australia, New Zealand, USA and Canada
  • A new, career-spanning Greatest Hits album featuring classic and new renditions of iconic Wiggles songs including Hot Potato, Fruit Salad, Do the Propeller!
  • ReWiggled tribute album featuring contemporary artists reinterpreting some of The Wiggles’ much-loved hits
  • Celebrity and fan-fuelled social media campaigns including #30thingsworthcelebrating — moments and memories that spark joy

“If you want to see a room light up, watch what happens when children start singing. It’s a joy that spreads through young and old. It has been a real adventure over the last thirty years, and we hope to be having this much fun for at least another 30 years to come! 2021 marks a very important moment for us and we cannot wait to celebrate this milestone with all our fans, young and young-at-heart.”

Anthony Field, Blue Wiggle

“For the past three decades, it has been an absolute joy and privilege to reach children and families around the world through our music. Our purpose as entertainers has, and continues to be, to nurture growth and development in a fun and engaging way, brought to life through song and dance.”

Murray Cook, Original Red Wiggle

Stay tuned as more 30th year celebration collaborations and activations are revealed throughout 2021 or visit

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