We Speak to Darran Garnham from Toikido Pt. 2

Toikido is a new kind of toy company that launched in 2020 from Founder/CEO Darran Garnham. Toikido are a London based entertainment company at the cutting edge of digital design and toys. With a global reach Toikido have an ecosystem across licensing, gaming, music and entertainment. Passionate and knowledgeable with a culture and structure to move fast. The Bugg Report last spoke to Darran in November 2021 and recently had the chance to speak to Darran again to check in on all things Toikido.

Hey Darran! Thanks for chatting to The Bugg Report again. We trust that everything has been going well at Toikido since we last spoke to you back in November?

Wow! It’s been 6 months. We have been flying, which in the face of the worlds issues, we feel extremely grateful. The team has grown and we brought on Gary Vaynerchuk on to the board as a strategic investor (instagram.com/garyvee). I’m phenomenally proud of the team and our partners and looking forward to a many launches we have in the coming months.

When we last spoke there was some huge positivity around Among Us and Gang Beasts… can you give us a breakdown about what’s been happening with these so far in 2022?

AmongUs continues to power on. We are live all over the globe and have some amazing new lines coming out in 2022 + 2023 with innovation into feature products and playsets. The game has developed and expanded onto new platforms with Xbox, Nintendo DS and a recent VR game.

We launch Gang Beasts later this summer across a range of figures, plush, costumes and collectibles. The range catches the fun and playful essence of the game. We will support with TV, character costumes, digital media and with the game roadmap showing years of new content this is going to be a really fun journey.

Darran Garnham
Among Us and Gang Beasts
Among Us and Gang Beasts

You mentioned during our last chat that Toikido would be announcing a new IP project (Smashlings?) and the opening of Toikido Studios… how are things progressing on that front?

Smashling has indeed developed and we have signed a master deal, a trading card deal and expanding plans and partnerships now. We will be supporting with animation, with the same team that worked on LOL and Shopkins, unique characters available for retail promotions, TVC and major TikTok / YouTube unboxing campaign and finally a game development on Roblox!


Toikido will be producing merchandise for Cool Cats across the Cooltopia NFT ecosystem. Sounds awesome! Can you tell us about this project and how it will work in with NFT.NYC?

We love this IP. One of the major breakouts from the NFT space, its like Hello Kitty for web3. We are not only supporting the team at NFT NYC, with some exclusive SKUs, but launching the wider range online. Later in 2022 we will bring products to retail. The creative process on this one is fantastic with the Cool Cats team taking a 2D NFT to plush, apparel, collectibles, stationery, animal toys and more.

Cool Cats
Cool Cats

I see that you have partnered with Gary Vee for his Vee Friends NFT project. I understand that Toikido will be producing the Toys for the Vee Friends library of characters?

Our work with Gary and the Vee Friends team has been amazing. While I cant say too much as the partnership will come to life later this month at Vee Con in Minneapolis I can say it’s something very special.


This article originally appeared in The Bugg Report Magazine Edition 41