Centa IP Represents YouTube’s Hottest Stars Across ANZ

Global licensing agency Centa IP is representing two of the hottest YouTube influencers today across Australia & New Zealand.

Ryan’s World sales growth continues to defy the odds during the pandemic reaching nearly a half a billion dollars in sales in over 50 categories and 5000 SKU’s. Pocket.watch, the exclusive studio partner for Ryan’s World has continued to develop the brand to create newness, differentiation and exclusivity while expanding it beyond the YouTube channel while aiming to make Ryan’s World THE number one global brand for kids 4-8.

Here in Australia the Ryan’s World YouTube channel regularly achieves up to 28 million* views a month and up to 5 million views in New Zealand (December 2020). But, Ryan’s World is not just a YouTube channel. Ryan’s World content has expanded to Amazon Kids+ with Super Spy Ryan which launched in November 2020 and in 2021 Ryan’s World content will be everywhere with specials, original content (Super Spy Ryan and Ryan’s Mystery Playdate) and Ryan & Friends.

New consumer product programs through 2021 include Ryan’s World Tour with Ryan and his friends going on a World Tour visiting 80 countries and landmarks with lead retailer Big W launching in February 2021. Then in September 2021, Big W will launch Galaxy Explorers.

In Australia and New Zealand, Ryan’s World is a stellar franchise and there’s more to come. The franchise is growing and the opportunities to partner with Centa IP have never been better. We will continue to build the brand with new and unique programs that are across all platforms and types of businesses, with more marketing and promotional support than ever before to ensure that we maximize business together.

Centa IP has also recently launched pocket.watch’s newest franchise “Love, Diana — The Princess of Play”. Starring Diana from the YouTube channel Kids Diana Show, the second-largest YouTube channel in the world (Tubefilter 4th January, 2021), her massive global reach across her YouTube channels has garnered over 166 million subscribers and over 85 billion lifetime views since the first channel launched in 2015! Here in Australia Kids Diana Show’s meteoric rise has captivated over 26 million monthly viewers and over 4 million in New Zealand in December 2020.

Six-year-old Ukrainian-born Diana takes viewers on playful adventures bursting with color and imagination, with her brother Roma and parents Olena and Volodymyr along for the journey. Fans of the Kids Diana Show channels are seeing the new “Love, Diana” brand come to life, with elements of it woven naturally into the core Kids Diana Show channel, creating a more diverse video experience.

Targeted to children between ages 2-7, the “Love, Diana” lifestyle product line encompasses the core characteristics of imagination, playfulness, creativity, empowerment and friendship that Diana’s audience knows and loves.

In October last year HeadStart’s range of dolls and Mitch Dowd’s apparel launched in Australia and New Zealand and sales are off to a strong start. Headstart dolls are already the number five (#5) girls toy in Big W with excellent sell through. Both Target and Kmart are committed to Diana for 2021 and will continue to support the HeadStart range with confirmed exclusives for the remainder of the year.

Pocket.watch has also extended the Love, Diana brand into mobile gaming on the heels of their p.w Games division’s success with Tag with Ryan which has garnered 12 million downloads and over 450,000 daily active users. The Love, Diana mobile game features a collection of fun minigames bursting with personality, vibrant colors, and imagination that will empower kids to design their very own “Princess of Play.” It is available in the App Store and Google Play.

Centa IP is looking to expand the license into other categories including games and puzzles, outdoor, health & beauty, jewelry, confectionery, wheeled/sports as well as STEAM. If you’re interested in becoming a partner, please reach out to Gail Mitchell.

For more about pocket.watch’s creator partners, content, consumer product lines, retail, promotional partnerships and more, please visit pocket.watch

Gail Mitchell
CEO at Centa IP
Gail.Mitchell [@] centaip.com

This article was originally featured in our January 2021 magazine

The Bugg Report Magazine — Edition 35