Every Day is an Underwater Preschool Adventure on a Stunning Coral Reef

Every day is an underwater adventure at Reef School, where the little ‘Reefies’ and their teacher Mr Flip discover the extraordinary wonders of an imaginary Australian coral reef and the remarkable world around it.

Reef School
Reef School

Reef School is an ABC Original production, created and developed by the award-winning ABC Children’s Department. Narrated by Emma Watkins, and with a voice cast featuring Tony Armstrong (as Mr Flip), Courtney Act (as Ms Flouncy) and the late Uncle Jack Charles, this underwater adventure taps into the natural wonder and curiosity of childhood.

Combining astounding real life underwater footage with charming and funny character voices, Reef School engages pre-schoolers using stories, songs, excursions, and games to navigate an imaginary Australian Coral Reef.

Each episode guides the pre-schoolers through stages of emotional and social development with curiosity, care, and a whole lot of laughs. From navigating the first day of school to the power of the imagination, Reef School has captivated the hearts and minds of preschoolers across Australia since it’s broadcast launch in November 2022.

Reef School comprises 20 x 11’ episodes broadcast on ABC Kids, available on ABC iview and ABC KIDS iview. ABC Licensing looks forward to working with licensees to bring this underwater world into the worlds of preschoolers across Australia.

This article originally appeared in The Bugg Report Magazine Edition 43