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Haven Signs Bob Ross for Australia and New Zealand

Instantly recognisable, effortlessly cool and as authentic and real as a man can be – brands the world over would give anything for the pop culture awareness that American painter Bob Ross still currently commands!

Bob Ross

The pop culture relevance of Bob Ross’ art and television show has grown exponentially over the past few years, with Twitch hosting a marathon of “The Joy of Painting” which pulled an incredible 5.6million viewers. Needless to say, the show was permanently added to the streaming service immediately. Likewise, recent launches on platforms such as YouTube and Netflix have added to his online viewership, making his iconic art and series of TV shows more accessible than ever.

With nostalgia still fuelling trends in not only content but consumer products also, Ross is enjoying a renaissance of his own from specialty right through to mass in the international market. While you take lessons in his signature style from one of over 3,000 Bob Ross certified teachers, you can do so in a Bob Ross t-shirt and cap, sip from a Bob Ross mug, and munch on a piece of toast emblazoned with his distinct mop top – fresh from your Bob Ross Toaster. A trend Haven Global are set to bring Down Under in 2020!

“As fans of Ross’ art (and guilty of streaming his shows late into the night!), our team at Haven were already enthusiastic and we’re eager to launch Bob Ross branded product into our market as soon as we can,” said Yvonne King, Director of Haven Global. ““After seeing the incredible success in the international market across apparel, accessories, homewares and more, we’re excited to add this versatile brand to our stable. I mean, when you have a slow cooker, a waffle maker and a toaster with your face on it – you know you’ve really made it as a brand!”

“We are so pleased to announce Haven’s appointment to represent the Bob Ross brand,” added Cynthia Modders, President of Firefly Brand Management. “It’s an exciting time for us and a fantastic opportunity to expand the huge fan base surrounding Bob Ross throughout Australia and New Zealand.”

But when all said and done – it’s not just about the art. Perhaps it is Ross’ dulcet tones and accidentally philosophical nature that truly sets him apart, and makes him the perfect binge-worthy late night Netflix indulgence making millennials feel happy and safe. As he famously quipped during one of his shows: “We don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents.”

For licensing opportunities in Australia and New Zealand, contact Ryan Smith from Haven Global on +61 3 9015 6688